Integrity First

K&N puts integrity at the top of our core values. We know how important it is to be trusted in the auto repair community. We pride ourselves on keeping an open and honest dialogue with our customers about their cars and the repairs being made.

Why choose us?

The short answer is, We’re just different.

It starts with our employees. K&N Automotive has broken a long-standing tradition in the automotive repair industry. We pay our technicians salary instead of on a flat rate basis. Doing this ensures our employees don’t have to worry about just making a paycheck. They can afford to take the time they need in order to get the job done right. High employee morale leads to better quality service to our customers.

Independently Owned

Break away from the dealer or big corporate franchise where they only care about the margins. Spending your money locally supports the community. Independent auto repair shops have the ability to fine-tune our services to what the customer wants and needs. The owner is part of everyday business and takes the time to listen to feedback from our customers. Finding a dealership where the CEO will work on your car is tough; we do that here.

Driven By Integrity


It plays a huge part in how we do business. In our experience, being honest with our customers keeps them coming back. If we make a mistake, we own up to it. If a customer doesn’t understand why a repair or maintenance needs to be done, we do our best to educate them and explain before making any repairs.


Paying for car repairs can be stressful. In certain situations, costs related to repairs can be dire. We know that and respect the customer without judgment. We respect our fellow humans and only expect the same in return.

Environmental Conscience

We only get one world. We recycle as much as possible; paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, oil, and coolant all get recycled. If we can’t recycle it, we make sure to dispose of it responsibly.

Quality Repairs

We understand that your car isn’t just a car. It’s your means to work, the grocery store, date night, and pretty much anywhere else you need to go. It is imperative that our customers can rely on the repairs we make. Our quality of service is something we take personally because we know it’s not just a car. Why take it to just a shop?


Our owner and head technician is a certified ASE and Saab master technician. He has worked in the automotive repair industry for over 25 years! All other technicians must be at least state-certified but are encouraged to continue their education and training in order to keep up with the constantly changing technology in the auto repair industry.